Blog Happy Book Birthday!

Happy Book Birthday!

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My 1st Book Birthday!

Today marks the anniversary of my first self-published book, Illusive: Need vs. Want. I look back on the past year and all that I’ve accomplished with my writing and I know that I wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for the friends in my life that encouraged me to stick with this and keep writing. Thanks to them I have two more books releasing this fall with two short storybooks and a thriller planned for 2020.

I don’t consider myself to be experienced in anything but making mistakes at this point but the knowledge I’ve gained and the people that I’ve connected with seeking advice make me feel like a seasoned author. In the future, I’d like to tackle stories that don’t have love as the central theme. Not that I won’t keep writing romance and erotic fiction but to challenge myself outside of that realm. A good dose of fluffy smut is essential in my life on a regular basis and I hope that my books will continue to find readers who enjoy them.

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