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New Romance Coming Soon!

teaser pic for back to juan

When I came back to my website to make this post I realized that it’s been quite a while. Well, I feel bad that I’ve been using social media to update my readers rather than the website that I built and paid for. The engagement on IG is always there and posting quickly is more my style.

Since last fall I’ve been busy writing and then editing ‘The Key of D’. This will be the first manuscript that I try to query and I’m putting my all into producing a quality thriller/suspense book that can sell. As of now, I don’t know how long I’ll try to query. It might be six months to a year or until I get frustrated and just self publish it. This will also be my first journey into scriptwriting. I love to set a new goal for myself every year and learning to turn my stories into scripts was at the top of my list. My writing style is definitely more show than telling and this may help me a lot. I’m researching scriptwriting and noting the differences between the two styles.

But for now, I’m dropping this teaser for my next novella ‘Back to Juan’. It’s a cute romance about a twenty-something IT employee who comes back to his hometown of St. Louis after being laid off. Once he’s back into his childhood home he begins to plot a scheme to get his divorced parents back together. I’ve wanted to write more mature romances lately and love the idea of doing a rekindled, second chance romance based in my city. I incorporated some of my favorite places in St. Louis as I tell the story. I’ll be revealing the cover and setting up preorders next month. I just want to do one more set of edits before I make it available.

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