Blog #20Kin5DaysSept Challenge

#20Kin5DaysSept Challenge

20k in 5 days challenge pic. Pictures of tropical scenery in the background with a daily word count on a blue overlay Another #20kin5Days is in the bag. Special thanks to Tasha L. Harrison and all the participants for sharing great advice that kept me motivated over the weekend.

This is the third challenge I’ve participated in and the second book that comes out of it. Yes, it’s hard but with enough prep before starting I believe anyone whose passionate about writing can accomplish it. I finished the five-day challenge having hit the goal and now I have four short stories that only need a few revisions before being released. 

I have the meat of the story written and I’m fleshing out parts, adding details, etc. I’m still not finished (I have three sex scenes to write) but all four short stories came out great and I can’t wait to revise and have it ready for the holidays. Writing about what we’re currently going through in this world wasn’t as difficult as I thought. We’re still living our lives, taking care of one another, and sometimes falling in love (or lust depending on the story). It wouldn’t have made sense to write this volume and not acknowledge that even if it’s fiction. As soon as I load it up for pre-orders I’ll let you know. Celeste-Marie Lyon

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