Blog Pre-orders are Live!

Pre-orders are Live!

Pre-order ad

Pre-order ad

Pre-orders are live for my next two books scheduled to be released October 1, 2019. Links to buy are in the titles.

Illusive F&P cover image

Illusive: Fame & Power

Marlyssa’s on their way back to L.A. with a swarm of online gossip sites and paparazzi following their every move. As Marcu and the other members of Djed prepare for their highly anticipated tour, Alyssa’s left to deal with the struggles faced without him by her side as public interest about their life grows daily. With the help of her bestie’s Marie and Mars, she’ll dig deeper into her new boss’s real motives behind hiring her. The growing spotlight also pushes her to deal with family tension about dating Marcu and her strained relationship with her Mother. 

Will Alyssa stand in her own way and lose the best relationship she’s ever had? Will she seek the help she needs to put all the pieces of her life in order and accept Marcu’s proposal of marriage?

Cover for Sofia & AngeloSofia & Angelo
An Illusive Series Historical Romance

From The Illusive Series comes a sweet tale of young love set in 1910’s New Orleans. 

The cosmopolitan city has grown with a wave of Sicilian immigrants and they struggle to fit into the American way of life. As he goes about his day to day routine Angelo, the son of a grocery store owner, becomes enthralled with Sofia, the daughter of the local pastor, that he meets during Saturday market.

Angelo makes it his mission to get to know her better and concocts a plan that Sofia reluctantly agrees to despite his father’s repeated warnings to not stir up trouble in the community. Their story spans the societal changes in the Deep South and antiquated notions over time.

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